CERVIA, Seaside resort and spa of the Riviera Romagnola with a traditional vocation to marine and fishing, whose history is very linked to the production of salt. Rich in 9 kilometers of coastline and a historic pine forest of over 260 hectares, Cervia is certainly favored by the historic natural reserve of the salt pans where the pink flamingos, naturalistic symbol of the city, welcome passers-by. It has a high vocation for sports tourism. In Cervia, the following championships will be played: football, chess, Mamanet, volleyball, petanque, swimming.


CESENATICO, a well-known seaside resort and tourist destination, is in the center of the Romagna Riviera, between Rimini and Ravenna. Ancient maritime civilization, it is known for its picturesque canal port that connects the historic center to the sea on which local and various places of cultural aggregation insist, such as the Maritime Museum. Its long and sunny beaches are a tourist destination especially for foreign incoming. In Cesenatico, the following championships will be played: Mamanet, tennis, beach volleyball, gymnastic, karate, judo.


Located on the Adriatic coast of Romagna, Riccione borders Rimini to the north and Misano Adriatico to the south. One of the most renowned seaside resorts on the Adriatic, Riccione is a trendy city where fashion, elegance, a sparkling atmosphere and the pleasure of life conquer the visitors.

The large beach, Viale Ceccarini with boutiques, trendy clubs, water parks, discos on the hills, the nightlife on the beach at the mouth of the Marano stream are elements that make it particularly attractive to young people and those who love an outdoor holiday. It exudes spontaneity and glamour.


CESENA, an ancient city of the 5th century AD, together with Forlì form the province of Forlì-Cesena.  In Roman times the area flourished times as a center on the Via Emilia, and from that period today it preserves a vast centuriation in the surrounding region almost intact.

It houses the Malatesta Library dating back to the fifteenth century, the first European civic library and the only example of a humanistic monastic library perfectly preserved in the building, furnishings and library equipment, included by UNESCO in the register of the Memory of the world. In Cesena, the following championship will be played: wrestling, athletics, basketball will be held.